Customizing Your Perfect Bunny Costume: How It’s Done—Factory Insight

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In today’s post, I’m breaking down our custom costume product in the simplest terms possible, making it easy to understand for everyone.

The Head: The costume’s head comes in two primary designs.

The first is a straightforward one, featuring an EVA inner membrane covered in soft plush fabric.

The second is a bit more complex, involving 3D modeling and foam carving, also wrapped in plush fabric.

The 3D modeled heads boast more lifelike expressions but come at a higher price. Additionally, we can incorporate a fan into the head for added comfort.

The Body: We offer two distinct body types.

The first is a cotton-filled body, which includes an inner lining. Between the lining and the outer fabric, we fill it with cotton, but this version doesn’t include a fan.

The second type features an internal blower to inflate the costume. This version has a waterproof cloth layer inside the plush fabric and a blower situated at the back, complete with an internal battery.

An Alternative Approach: Though less common, we can also create costumes where both the head and body are inflatable and designed as a single piece.

Customization Process:

To begin the creation of a custom costume, we require high-definition images from the front, side, and back, along with approximate dimensions such as height and width. This enables us to craft initial prototypes.

For more precision in design, we recommend providing scale drawings before we proceed to the actual production.

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