Why Us

As an overseas promotional supplier with 10+ years of experience, we have a strong reputation in North America and a large client base.
We have helped many clients grow their businesses, save costs, and ensure quality. With the implementation of the China+1 policy, we can even assist with re-exporting large volume goods.
Despite facing challenges such as the surge in ocean freight costs in 2021, we honored our contract prices and fulfilled all orders, resulting in a solid reputation and continued business from major clients. 
 In 2022, we encountered an unfortunate car accident involving a shipment but provided a full refund to the customer to minimize their losses. 
 For larger orders, we offer free comprehensive inspections with strict standards that surpass third-party organizations. Our commitment is to deliver products that exceed customer expectations in terms of quality. 
 Our objective is to provide superior products and services, save our customers time and costs, and support their business expansion on a larger scale. 
Send us an inquiry today! We are open to accepting low quantities, and your support is crucial as we aim to expand our team.

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