89MM 12oz Clear Plastic Cups With Lids


KateSayPromo, is a dedicated professional in China’s promotional merchandise sector. Over the span of five years, We’ve exported an array of products numbering in the thousands. We offer a comprehensive service, from factory sourcing to price comparison and door-to-door delivery.

Among the items I’ve handled (though this isn’t an exhaustive list) are:

Pens, drinkware, tools, umbrellas, portfolios, luggage, watches, golf-related items, apparel, outdoor gear, stress relief toys, key chains, awards, shoes, sports/fitness equipment, bungee cords, tote bags, caps, hats, aprons, hotel slippers, beach flip flops, magnetic memo holder clips, sunglasses, lanyards, badge reels, tumblers, mugs, and flashlights.

In short, We are able to source and tailor practically any item to your specific needs.

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It is environmentally friendly and can withstand temperatures from 0 ℃ to 60 ℃. It is convenient for daily life and retail use. High clarity and transparency, It is made of plastic polypropylene (PP), so it has light specific gravity and good heat resistance, and has no concern for health and safety. The capacity ranges from 360ml to 1000ml. Flat cover and convex cover can be applied, and 6-color customized printing, OEM, and customized service can meet the needs of customers.


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